Yet another CRISPR meeting?

Not exactly.

This 2-day meeting hosted by the Zhang lab combines a peer-to-peer workshop session on the 13th with a day of talks from scientists developing and working with genome engineering tools on the 14th. The talks this year will be focused on outstanding challenges in the field, ranging from questions about what other tools we need to how we can safely apply them.

You will get to hear about recent developments in CRISPR-based genome editing, meet with experts with hands-on experience in a range of areas, and present your own CRISPR work at a poster session so you can get feedback from colleagues and leading figures in the field.

Come to:
  • learn about the design, implementation, and analysis of CRISPR experiments;
  • discuss latest technical advances and share ideas;
  • troubleshoot your experiments;
  • explore diverse applications of CRISPR nucleases;
  • get answers to your questions, both general and specific.

GEW2018 Program

The workshop will kick off on Sunday afternoon with presentations from members of the Zhang lab and other experts about working with CRISPR-based tools in the lab, followed by breakouts and a poster session. Monday will feature talks from leaders in the field focused on outstanding challenges in genome engineering.

Keynote speaker:

Eugene Koonin NCBI

You will receive practical advice on:
  • Basics of targeted mutagenesis
  • High throughput applications and data analysis
  • Pooled knockout screens
  • Understanding specificity and off-target effects
  • Analysis of targeting efficiency and off-target events
  • Base editing
  • Editing of iPSCs, ESCs, and HSCs
  • Making transgenic mice with Cas9
  • In vivo delivery of Cas9
  • RNA targeting applications
Confirmed GEW2018 Speakers

  • Omar Abudayyeh Zhang lab @ Broad Institute
  • Marlene Belfort University of Albany
  • Janice Chen Doudna lab @ UC Berkeley
  • Nicole Gaudelli Liu lab @ Broad Institute
  • Viviana Gradinaru CalTech
  • Keith Joung Harvard & MGH
  • Sri Kosuri UCLA
  • Zach Lippman CSHL
  • Mike Milone University of Pennsylvania
  • Rotem Sorek Weizmann Institute
  • Joe Zhou University of Pennsylvania



Cambridge, MA

The Broad Institute
415 Main St.
Cambridge, MA 02142

Hosted by the Broad Institute



What do I need to do?

Register here!

Can I present my work?

You are encouraged to share your work with your fellow workshop attendees. For this purpose we will have a poster session on Sunday, May 13th. Abstracts can be submitted via the registration link or email your abstract to by April 16.

Do I need to pay for anything?

Registration for the full workshop is $25 for academic attendees and $100 for industry attendess. This money helps cover the cost of meals served during the workshop. The rest of the event is made possible by the generosity of the Broad Institute.

We do not offer lodging, so you will need to make our own arrangements. There are several nearby hotels - there are two Marriotts and the Kendall Hotel are just a short walk from the Broad. The Broad is right off the Red Line subway at the Kendall/MIT stop, so anyplace that is near the Red Line will also be convenient for getting to the meeting.

Can't make it to Cambridge? We will be live-streaming the event. Check back for information on signing up for the live-stream.


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